Sell your home traditional way or the new way!!!

There are multiple ways a homeowner can sell their house. Below are few of them

Traditional ways:

  • For sale by Owner – you can list your home on market yourself
  • For sale by Relator – your home can be listed by a realtor on market
  • Word of Mouth – you can sell your home to family and friends directly

But wait there is a new way – Sell to professional home buyers like us 😊

Traditional Way Disadvantages:

  • You can directly market your home in the market but as per latest survey very few homebuyers look at direct sale by owner listings. They find such listings less catchy often due to lack of professional pictures or inappropriate asking price.
  • You can work with a realtor who will take professional pictures and price it as per market analysis and try to get you best deal in the town possible. But it comes with lost of cost too. Even though you get great price for your home but in actual only fractions comes back in your pocket.
  • You need to lot of repairs to get it sold. It needs to be all fixed up and fully rehabbed with modern touches. These repairs can be extensive and expensive. This means loss of both time and money.
  • No realtor works for free. By working with realtor and as a seller you are responsible for 6% of total price. For example, if you sell your home for $100,000 you will be responsible to pay $3000 to buyer’s agent and $3000 to your agent.
  • Once you home is ready to be sold, your agent will list your home on market. Depending on market and time of the year, you need to wait till buyers look at your home before making any offers. As per recent survey, typical days houses are siting in market before they go under contract is 20-25 days.
  • After a long waiting period finally you accept any offer, now you need to wait another 30-45 days to finally get it sold and get your proceeds. During this period home buyer will do inspections and check each minor details. Sometimes they just terminate the contract and you need to start the whole process from zero or they might ask you to do repairs or get credit.

New way advantages and why us:

You deal directly with professional homebuyers without:

  • Doing any repairs- We will buy your home As-Is in any condition
  • No Commissions – You don’t need to pay 6% commissions in fact we will pay your closing costs too
  • Closing Costs – typical closing costs range from 2-3%
  • No wait time – You don’t need to wait for 2 months to finally get your home sold. We can buy and close in just 7 days.
  • Complex process – We will buy your home hassle free without any survey or appraisal.

Case Study:

Joe wanted to sell is home and after giving a long thought he decided to go traditional way. He chose the best realtor in town in a hope to get top dollar for his home. After initial consultation with the reallot Joe found out he can get $150,000 for his home based on neighborhood homes that were recently sold. He got excited before his agent informed him that to get that value his homes need some repairs. Joe spend $30000 and 1 month to get it market ready. Finally, the day came when his home got listed for sale. He got few offers in first couple of weeks but got the best offer at asking price after three weeks. Joe accepted the offer and was hopeful its just matter of 1 more month. During inspection period buyer did his due diligence and found out repairs that were done were not up to the par. So, he terminated the contract and Joe must restart the whole process. Few weeks passed by and joe accepted another offer. This time buyer instead of terminating the contract asked for credit towards repairs. Joe agreed to pay $5000 towards repairs. Finally, after 45 days, his house got sold.

What did finally Joe get in his pocket?

Sale Price – $150000

Cost of repairs – ($30000)

Credit Repair – ($5000)

Commissions @ 6% – ($9000)

Closing costs @2% – ($3000)

Loss of time and energy @2% – ($3000)

Net – $100000

Joe finally received 66% of the price he anticipated after 5 months of sleepless nights.☹

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